Career opportunities after BBA

The Bachelor in Business Administration or BBA is a
foundation level program for a management education. In this course, the basics
in Business Administration are taught.

Under this course, the students can specialize in one of
the multiple streams of international business, finance, real estate, computer
information systems, marketing or accounting and depending on the
specialization can land a job. Many companies make a
“campus recruitment program” and make a visit to the campus of the reputed
college to pick the candidate right from the college itself. But many colleges
do not have a placement program and the students are on their own to find a job
for them.

Career opportunities after BBA

The management is one
field of study that always plays a vital role in all companies. The sectors like
government institutes, public industries, private companies, institutions or other
organizations need a management professional.

A BBA graduate can expect to get hired in companies as operations
manager, sales manager, marketing manager, HR manager, finance and accounting
manager, supply chain manager, logistics manager, international business,
planning manager, retail manager, etc. 

However, BBA will fetch you an entry level job in many
big or small corporate houses or businesses. You might get backend work like
maintaining data and MIS, and provide support services to the peers and senior
officials of the organization. Only a few extraordinary candidates can expect a
job involving customer interaction and in the core of marketing and sales
department of the organization. For more aspiring jobs, you will have to pursue

However, deserving and talented BBA graduates can apply
for jobs in sales and marketing department of companies as sales team members
or as management trainees. After gaining enough experience and performing
brilliantly, they can expect to climb up the ladder achieving a better position
and a better remuneration.

In India, an average pay scale for a BBA graduate is
between 10k and 25k. However, this figure is just indicative and depends on
variety of factors like candidate’s performance, institute from where he has
done BBA, academic record, any other work experience, tier of the city and many



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